Moving – Keep in Touch Pack

Moving is a big deal, whether you move down the road, across the country or indeed taking your family to a new international location. As I write this post I am surrounded by boxes and just waiting for the last minute to be able to pack the last bits.

My family is heading to Yorkshire from Greater London and although exciting with so much to look forward to, I needed to be mindful of my daughter and her journey to our new destination.

Turning to Pinterest I found an idea, and decided to make it my own, a  ‘Keep in Touch’ pack, to help my daughter’s transition during our move.

The pack consisted of:

  • a postcard which I had pre-addressed with our new address and added a stamp (everything to make it easy for the receiving child to write and send!)
  • stickers
  • a business card with my daughter’s new contact details
  • a cute clip
  • a paper bag
  • labels which I stamped with ‘Keep in Touch’ and the child’s name who was to receive it

The idea is that during the Summer break, my daughter will receive these postcards (each one different) from her friends. Thus allowing her the opportunity to transition from South to North by staying in contact in a meaningful and fun way but also to be able to reflect on the ‘good times’ she has had in her life to date with these special people.

The packs were handed out at School yesterday and the feedback has been nothing but positive. We are both looking forward to receiving these over the Summer and beyond.

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