New adventures and exciting beginnings for our family as we have now been in West Yorkshire for a little over a month. We have experienced gorgeous weather and stunning scenery.


The journey has not always been easy and I will be quite happy not to see a packing box for a good few months (years!). We are pleased with our decision to relocate and are seeking opportunities to turn left from the end of our road and search out adventures. Turning right simply leads to the more mundane jobs of life, food shopping, petrol stations etc.

A few bite size morsels I have taken from our experience so far:

  • Have a back up plan for when the internet does not work on the scheduled day of installation and you are still waiting 3 weeks later and your phone reception is VERY poor! Our world is now not set up to function without this technology.
  • Take a risk, go out and explore, don’t be afraid to ‘get lost’
  • People are so willing to be helpful and kind when they know you are ‘new’ and have no clue!
  • The scenery at the top is worth the 400 stone steps it took to see it!
  • Family and friends near and far really are treasures to have in your life.
  • My daughter really is very good company, and I simply adore spending time with her.


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