Apple Pie

Do you cook with your child(ren)?

We love to cook in our house and where possible endeavour to engage our 8 year old in the fun.

Many life skills go into cooking:

  • Shopping to get the ingredients (money, list making)
  • Reading and following instructions
  • Equipment use (knives, graters, mixing to name but a few!)
  • Food preparation
  • Social skills
  • Patience while your creation cooks
  • Tidying up
  • Joy that comes from eating something you have made

Apple Pie is something that we all enjoy but it has been ages since we attempted to make one. I wanted to empower my daughter by allowing her to make something from start to finish, and this is just what she did.

The use of a sharp knife is something I had been working on, with her, for the last year. We had looked at how to use a knife correctly and where to put her fingers so they would not be cut off! I had mentally risk assessed the use of a knife while making an Apple Pie when you are only 8 years of age and had concluded that the training had been there and she would be fine, and she was! Although, I might add that I was on had to offer advice, or to step in if needed. My philosophy is very much children need to experience things for themselves but our role is to teach them how to do it safely.


The Apple Pie was delicious!

What have you cooked with your child(ren)?

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2 thoughts on “Apple Pie

  1. Love the little pastry flowers!!! One of my three likes to cook – lots of pasta dishes, quiches and cakes. For the most part she can do things by herself and just ask a few questions as required.
    One great thing I get them to do is simple grocery shopping by themselves – they always add some lollipops for themselves when they figure I’ve given them enough money to cover it all 😂


    1. sunshineandwatermelons September 23, 2016 — 11:02 am

      Lots of great ideas there. A pasta dish might be one for us to tackle next. Thanks for sharing.


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