Steps and Hills

Steps and hills, I am surrounded by them here in West Yorkshire. Let us say, I am, of ‘average’ fitness with a desire to improve, which is probably a good thing now I live in a hilly, stepy place.

Each weekend my husband picks a new place for us to explore and yet again I am presented with amazing scenery but also steps and hills. Even the School run has a nice hill thrown in, as well.

In a bid to get fitter, I am embracing the slopes, rocks and varying gradients and really am trying to do it without complaint!

Over the Summer, we visited Malham Cove which is breath taking at ground level, however, in order to see the true beauty of the place we had to climb some 400 steps. I discovered on this journey up those steps that my husband and daughter are really the best cheer squad a lady could ever ask for. We took it slow, paused for breath and to regulate heart beats (mine not theirs!) but what touched me most was the encouragement and kind words my family gave me, not getting to the top was simply not an option.

The view from the top was worth the climb…


What are your goals as a parent? Do these differ from those you have for yourself?

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