We have a game as a family that we play in the car, when you spot an animal in a field you have to shout the name of the animal and make the sound of it. Once done you gain a point and the game continues. This game was fine when we lived in greater London, but does not really work now we live in the glorious countryside of West Yorkshire as we are ‘mooing’, ‘baaing’, ‘honking’ and ‘clucking’ pretty much constantly! This was amusing for the first 5 minutes but is now very annoying.

The game needed to evolve to keep us interested and entertained while we are out and about. So, we have moved onto Post boxes! I can hear you now, you are saying ‘but Post boxes do not make a sound’ and you would be right. However, up here finding a post box is challenging experience and one that needs a keen eye. They are situated in very odd places, on street corners in the middle of the Dales where stopping is impossible, for instance, which helps to add to the difficulty factor and enjoyment.

I am sure in the weeks and months to come the game will evolve again, but until then I am off to find me a Post box.

What car games do you play? Do leave me a comment.


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1 thought on “Postboxes

  1. Married to a Brummie and having a step dad who is from Coventry, we have inherited what must be a Midlands car past-time in spotting the yellow car- we all shout ‘yellow car’ and defend our spot when it is challenged as being in fact not yellow but gold or mustard. Yellow has become more fashionable of late so pink cars now have even more cache!


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