Autumn Bucket List

Autumn In West Yorkshire, I am just a little excited. I love the magic of Autumn, the changing colours, colder days and the promise of Christmas.


Here are 10 things I want to do or achieve over the Autumn Season:

  1. Bolton Abbey Pumpkin Trail
  2. Halloween fun: House decorating (inside only and really just a token effort!), Trick o Treating in our neighbourhood and perhaps try our hand at pumpkin carving
  3. Read a book, simple I know but I have wanted to read, Sheryl Sandberg’s book ‘Lean In’ for months and have quite literally been carrying it around with me but it sadly remains unread.
  4. Bonfire Night: we are not big ones for going out on Bonfire Night but as our daughter is now older we will explore and take in what is on offer in our local area.
  5. Observe the Autumn Season in all its glory. By being more aware and mindful of the season changes going on around me, rather than being ‘too busy’ to see or appreciate.
  6. Long walks, perhaps revisiting some of the walks we have done over the Summer to see how different they look in the Autumn light.
  7. Lotherton Hall has a Spooky Scarecrow Trail or
  8. Celebrate Apple Day on the 22nd October at Thwaite Mills Watermill with my apple loving daughter.
  9. Make bread, this is something I have only done once with Baker Mike (@foodmixer, ) at a WI (Women’s Institute) in Ilkley. However, now I have seen that even me, a novice baker, can achieve success I am determined to make some more!
  10. Dare I say it, prepare and plan for Christmas to ensure it is a smooth running season of joy, filled with many family traditions.

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