The Tooth Fairy

I believe in the magic of childhood and one of these wonders is the Tooth Fairy. Loosing a tooth is a right of passage for a child and one that I know my daughter looked forward to.


Our Tooth Fairy did a pre-visit when the first tooth began to wobble. She sent a letter introducing herself to our family, as well as delivering some Tooth Fairy books, a tooth bag and left lots of fairy dust as all good Tooth Fairies should!


We then felt that a Fairy door was in order and after trying to make one myself, which quite frankly was all too much for this creative time poor mummy, I sourced one from the Magic Door Store, fabulous quality and so many colours to choose from:

We use a fairy size writing kit that I found on Amazon and the Tooth Fairy leaves notes for my daughter. At times the notes remind her that she needs to clean her room or write a thank you card and at other moments it recalls that she has been trying really hard or making a huge effort to keep her teeth clean. My husband loves creating the notes that Fairy Rosie writes. My daughter then writes back, leaves her cards, pictures this is a great way to promote writing for a purpose in a reluctant writer. I have these and the Fairy notes all stored away for when she stops believing (hoping this never happens!) at which point I will transfer them to her memory box.

At the Magic Door Store I purchased the Fairy Door, I also got a number of other ‘bits’ to help with the magic. With the last tooth lost, I introduced the fairy foot steps. Place the template sprinkle fairy dust and remove, carefully!

For my own ease more than anything, the teeth are left for collection in the tooth fairy bag near the fairy door. This way, I can generally get in, extract and create magic without waking my daughter. Pillows and glitter (aka fairy dust) are not a great combination, this is a woman who speaks from experience!

When I am out and about and see something that would fit into the Fairy magic I buy it. Last Christmas in the sale I found little fairy mushrooms and used them to tie around the top of the bag that the tooth fairy put the money in as a gift from Fairy Rosie.

Our Tooth Fairy brings lots of different coins so that my daughter in her younger years thought she was ‘rich’ but in reality we had only given about a £1.

The Fairy door comes and goes and is not a regular item in her bedroom but it is well loved and has been played with over and over again for the last 3 years! Fairy Rosie might need to invest in a new door for her next visit …

Do let me know of the wonder you create with the Tooth Fairy and leave a comment.



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