One to One, a bespoke approach

It is ok to ask for help!

At ParentingSuccess – Yorkshire, I offer a bespoke approach to help individuals and parents, tailored to your need and your particular family circumstances. Giving you the chance to talk about what is important to you as individuals as well as a couple.

Do you need a Parent ‘Time Out’?

If you feel that you need some individual support in overcoming a challenge with your family or to explore new ways to parent, I can offer a safe and non-judgemental environment for you to have time and space to explore what is going on in your family life. We will then focus on “looking forward”, helping you set achievable and realistic goals for the future.

One-to-one work with parent(s) is not counselling or therapy as I will not tell you what to do or not to do.  The sessions work on the basis that all individuals are fully capable of working things out for themselves as they know their children and themselves best of all. However, they might not always have the time, energy, space or inspiration to do so without a little help.

I allow you to explore the reality of what is going on in your home and we then look at where you want to be as a family. Together, I help you determine what is important to you in terms of your family values and help you find solutions and make the necessary changes.

You will benefit from being asked open ended questions that will make you think about your current situation.  You will go away with an action plan that is specific to your family.

Working with you as an individual or as a couple can be conducted as a 1:1 meeting, in person or by phone or Skype, depending upon your preference and requirements. This allows me to work with parents who are not on my door step.

I am currently have space to take on more one to one work, so do make contact if I can be of help to you: or 07792176888.



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