Puppy Training and Parenting

We have just finished a block of 6, 1 to 1 puppy-training lessons with Victoria from Fields View Stables and Dog Walking. Our lovely, excitable Cavapoo Puppy who is now 8 months old, has gone from a blaze her own trail kind of a puppy to one that will come when called, sits on command, generally stays where asked and loves nothing more than running at full pelt across a field to get some attention and to be close to us.


All the way through the training, I kept being reminded of how training a puppy and parenting have very similar messages:

  • Consistency
  • Routines
  • Consequences – treats & ignoring
  • The use of positive praise

Now I do not wish to offend anyone but comparing a dog to a child, however, the ‘tools’ you need in your tool kit for both unique beings are all focused around the positive reinforcement of desired behaviours and catching them being good. Routines and consistency are key, where your message is clear and you mean what you say. Using your voice to bring about change, rather than to fill the silence.

The added benefit of taking our puppy through the training classes is that this is something my daughter and I did together. It allowed us time together, working on a common goal, where we both started from the same place and progressed together to achieve success. Needless to say we loved it!


My daughter is an outdoorsy type of a girl, and has thrived on our recent move to Yorkshire. The dog training permitted her the time and place to be walking in streams in her glittery willies at the dog walking park and being outside in all weathers. The training her puppy part was the icing on the cake.

If you are looking for a bespoke puppy training experience then look no further than Victoria.


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