Family Time

Family Time, we all love it but do you plan for it? Schedule it? Hold it sacred in your diary? Or is it something that happens once or twice a year when you go on holiday together?

At ParentingSuccess – Yorkshire, I understand the importance of bringing the Family together, and as a result set up an event once a month, on a Saturday morning where parents and children can come together to learn something new, hone skills and simply enjoy being together. The key thing is, that it is planned, organised and thought through by someone else, your job is to simply turn up and have fun.

Mighty Chefs, a local business providing cooking lessons, parties and holiday programmes for children, joined forces with ParentingSuccess to launch our Family Time series, what a Mighty Success it was!

Meatballs and cheesecake were on the menu. There was mixing, chopping, cutting, ripping, rolling, melting, bashing, squeezing, laughter and success.

Here are a few photos to give you a taste of our morning, the next Mighty Chefs, Family Time session is: Saturday, 15th July 2017, 10.30am – 12.00pm running from Menston Scout Hut.




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