Girls Weekend Away


It took 9 years to get away! We all met in April 2008 while attending the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) Antenatal classes. I can honestly say, that I can remember very little about what was taught to us over those 6 NCT classes, but what I can say is that I took away some incredibly special friendships that have grown, developed and seen us through the good and the bad.


From our group of 7, 4 of us turned 40 this year, so a get away was planned. Due to living now in Yorkshire, while most of the group live in leafy Surrey, the planning, organisation and execution of the trip was mainly down to the others which is foreign to me but also quite liberating! I was told which flight to book, which transfer to get on and where to stay.

Portugal was our destination; sun, relaxation and great company would see us through our long weekend.


I left the thinking about school runs, preparing my daughter for a Brownie Pack Holiday, sorting the puppy and anything else that came with the running of our household to my Husband. He was actually quite sick in the lead up to and while I was away, and it was only once I landed in Portugal that he told me that the Doctor might have put him in hospital if he had not improved, hadn’t planned for that eventuality so glad he did not get any worse!


Girlfriends in this day and age are your ‘village’ and this group is a special bunch and it certainly does not matter that we do not live on the same street as one another. We come from diverse backgrounds and a range of careers but we just get on! Differences are celebrated, strengths are used to the benefit of the group and we have each other’s backs.

This weekend, we laughed, ate, swam, read, talked, sat in silence, people watched and were just ourselves. Here is to the next 9 years and more…


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