Putting yourself first

Where do you fall in the pecking order of looking after yourself? Most of the time I am well and truely behind and at the end of the line, however, I am learning the very important life lessons that I need to be at the front in order to be able to be there for everyone else as my best self.

Continuing with my #oneminuteparenting live videos over on my Facebook page, I decided it was time to put myself first. In this instance it did not take the form of a spa day (although I do love a bit of pampering), as this is not what I needed, it was time to myself to get organised (one of my most favourite things to do!). Click here to see my thoughts on this very important subject of Putting Yourself First.

If this is something you struggle with then do reach out for a 15 minute discovery call with me to see what we can do to help you with this very important life tool. You can email me on: anisa@parentingsuccesscoaching.com and we can get a call in the diary.


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