Do you permit your children to take risks? Our children today are very well looked after and can live in a ‘safe’ possibly slightly sterile environment as a result.

Recently, with friends we visited Brimham Rocks which belongs to the National Trust, in North Yorkshire. It is an adventurers dream, and with this comes lots of risks! To take children there and make them walk the paths, will ensure that they appreciate the natural beauty of their surroundings but could also leave them very frustrated at not being able to explore, climb, get dirty and well, be kids.

With our enthusiiastic children chomping at the bit to be up on top of rocks the accompanying parents, decided the best course of action was to begin with a safety breifing!


The children eargerly agreed to our terms and conditions, who wouldn’t we are fair and reasonanble people. Let the climbing commence! An AMAZING time was had by everyone but possibly most of all by my husband who joined in all the risk taking fun. I guess you could say he was chief safety officer!

Listen in here, to a Facebook Live I did while we were there on letting your children take risks. Look for the video dated, 31st July 2017.

How do you let your children take risks?

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