Anisa Lewis

Parent Coach and Positive Thinker

I am the #girlboss of Parenting Success – Yorkshire which is all about supporting parents and families with tips, coaching and workshops to help take some of the stress out of being a parent.

Coming to Parenitng Success with over 18 years experience working in education with teaching roles as well as leadership positions such as Deputy Head and Head of Operations. My international background also brings influences from global cultures as I have lived and worked in places such as Australia and Colombia. Being a mother, wife and Director of my own Small Business, I am well aware of the juggling act that parenting can be today.

Founding Parenting Success Yorkshire in 2016, it offers support to parents with children of any age, through non-judgmental and interactive workshops alongside events for Families and 1 to 1 work with individuals. A friendly open approach is what’s offered, in a relaxed environment, and a recent participant described the workshop as a “parenting party” as she came away feeling excited, inspired and full of parenting ideas to implement in her family home.

Passionate about parenting, education & life, being a mum, wife and all round positive person I am particularly interested in building the self-esteem and confidence of parents especially mums as well as children to live a positive and fulfilled life.

Currently residing in West Yorkshire (North of England), although due to the nature of my work, I can support parents anywhere in the country or the world.

My work is to help equip parents with tools and techniques to deal with the challenges that children bring, which enables parents to enjoy parenting, through:

  • Parent support via Parent Coaching (in person, by Skype or over the phone)
  • Workshops on themes such as: Positive Parenting, Effective Consequences, Boosting your Child’s Confidence, Raising Independent Children, Raising Teenagers and much more
  • My workshops do travel and I would be delighted to offer workshops to you, your friends and family anywhere through out the UK (& Internationally!)
  • Helping you to develop a positive attitude towards parenting and your children, with the work I have done to develop a set of Family Affirmation cards
  • Practical and organisational support around parenting and how to inspire children to do and think more for themselves

You can contact me via: 






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