Tip 1 for Festive Season Survival

Over the next 4 blog posts, I will be outlining my 4 Tips for Festive Season Survival as a Parent.

We all want to create memories for our families over the Festive Period but what can you do to not only survive but thrive over this sometimes difficult period?

Tip 1 – Forget Perfection

For years, Christmas for me was very much about building in my head the most magical family experience I could conjure up and then being bitterly disappointed when no body lives up to my Brady Bunch vision. I am now moving onto ditching where possible my unrealistic expectations for what I think the Festive Season should be and replacing it with a more holistic experience based on togetherness and communication.

I decide on what my priorities are and where it is acceptable for me to cut corners. As a recovering perfectionist, this is not easy for me to do! Yes, I would like to bake, make and hand craft my Christmas, however, time, reality and insight tells me that perhaps buying the supermarket mince pies, picking something from a family members Amazon wish list or not making our own Christmas Cards but buying ones that support a Charity, might just save my sanity.

Christmas is of course about giving but this does not need to be presents it could simply be about being more present. Do you want to miss Christmas because you are clipboard in hand making sure that the Festive Season runs with military precision? Or would you rather your Family memories are filled with laughter, adventure and spontaneity that includes everyone enjoying themselves?

Put yourself first, well, ok, at some point in each day in the lead up to, during and after the fun is over, put yourself first. This could be a relaxing bath, a walk by yourself with your beloved pooch or simply insisting that you pee alone! Whatever you can get, take it, it is your Christmas and New Years too.

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