Tip 4 for Festive Season Survival

Tip 4 – Family Time

Focus on what is important, family and friends, being together and enjoying small moments.

The Festive Season is about creating memories, board games, movie marathons, afternoon naps because you have all eaten too much, I could go on!

What can you do to connect as a family unit? Play games, craft, read books, cook together, clean up together, decorate the house for the season…

Are you able to pre-empt conversations with issues around screen time? Each family is different, but if you want to be more present over the holiday period and not have to ‘fight fires’ as they arrive, communicating and setting boundaries in advance will make situations more manageable.

Over the holidays it is normal to be slightly out of routine, and this can be unsettling for children (& adults!). Routines provide structure and a sense of safety and comfort. Although I appreciate that the Festive Season is a tad more laid back, do not loose your routines and boundaries so much that they are hard to put back in place in the New Year.

It is not your job to entertain your child(ren) 24-7. Let them be bored! This teaches your kids problem solving, creativity and resourcefulness. You may wish to consider setting up a boredom basket. You collect long forgotten toys, games, craft from around the house and pop it in the boredom basket. When the kids come to you bored, just point them in the direction of the basket. If they still remain bored, this is not your problem!

My last and final point, if all else fails, call Santa!

Photo - Mince Pie

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