Spotlight on … the year


In that fuzzy period between Christmas and New Years, our family discussed how we can give more purpose to 2018. It started with the pinch that comes in January, after the indulgence of December, the purse strings needed tightening and the waist bands loosened!

We talked through many options but felt that giving the months themes with different foci would help us give 2018 more meaning and allow us to grow as individuals and as a family.


Saw us questioning how we spent our time and money. It was an interesting exercise and one that did see us making wiser decisions, questioning our in-grained habits and being more mindful.


Taking what we have learnt from January into Fond February and our aim this month is to spend our time doing what we love. Making it a priority to get out of the way things that perhaps are necessary but do not bring us joy, so that we have more time for doing and taking part in things that we are fond of.


Ideas: How can we give back to our family and our community through being of service? How can we incorporate what we are fond of into our daily lives in a more meaningful way?


Ideas: Get moving, family walks, new places to explore, dog walks, yoga, making the most of the Spring.


Ideas: Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into our lives. Being more mindful in our choices and being mindfully present in more ways. How can we use positive quotes and affirmations to inspire us.


Ideas: How can we come across as being more lively and bright in June? Use of Music? Look at our wardrobes, clothing sort out? Incorporating more colour into our lives?


Ideas: Summer holidays start early in July for our daughter. How can we find joy in things ending and new beginnings? How can we remind ourselves to be more joyful each day? How do we start our day to put ourselves in a more joyful state?


Ideas: Summer Holidays, we have a family rule to turn left for adventure, so how can we build this into August? Do we want to create an August bucket list? What adventures can we take that cost little to nothing? What bigger adventures do we want to under take?


Ideas: New School year and the second birthday for my business, how can we be in the right mindset to thrive as we transition from holidays to work?

Ideas: What needs sorting, giving away, organising, burning!? How can we get ahead for Christmas?


Ideas: In the lead up to Christmas, how can we nourish and care for our bodies? What food can we eat more of or less of? How is our self care? Are our Active April actions still in place?


Ideas: How can the Festive period be one of joy rather than burn out?

Each month I will be posting more about what we are doing or have done, and would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and should you wish to join us on our mission to make 2018 more meaningful you would of course be most welcome.

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