The best of me!

BEST of Anisa

Here I reveal a bit more about me and my favourite things.

BEST … quality?

My positivity, there is always something to be positive about, definitely a glass is refillable type of person.

BEST … adventure?

Living and working in Colombia (South America) for 3 years, amazing people, culture and countryside to explore.

BEST … job?

This is hard, I love being an Early Years teacher, the learning and enthusiasm of the pupils can be seen and felt every day.

However, through Coaching and running Parent workshops, I get to make a difference in another way. Being my own boss, having flexibility, building my own legacy for my family is very rewarding.

BEST … birthday?

I turned 40 last year and I think my birthday lasted a good few months!

BEST … night in?

I love being at home and find great joy in being with my family or by myself. Every Saturday night is Family Night, pizza and movies, highlight of my week.

BEST … place?

Anywhere that has a forest, rolling hills or a body of water (ocean, lake, reservoir, stream), Yorkshire is a pretty good fit.

BEST … early memory?

The first 4 years of my life were spent in Hong Kong and I remember being at Nursery and having to run inside every time a helicopter was landing next door.

BEST … motivation?

My daughter is definately my biggest motivation. In addition, being passionate about helping to make childhood a little bit more magical and positive for our children.

BEST … book?

I have just got back into reading after years of not making it a priority and am loving Yorkshire author, Julia Chapman who has written a Dales Detective Series based very close to where I live now.

BEST … meal?

I love broccoli and rice, any meal that has one or the other or both is a winner with me.







2 thoughts on “The best of me!

  1. This is so you … and of course this is so beautiful ! Sending all love from Colombia!!! Hope you bring Bea some time !
    The best on my memory… go around Boyaca with you long time ago!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Beatriz, thank you so much for reading ‘The Best of Me’. I LOVED my time in Colombia, you are right I need to come back and bring Bea to see her Fairy Godmother! Ax


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