Snow Day Fun

The Beast from the East has certainly hit different parts of the UK with some adverse weather, no school, plans cancelled, work put on hold, and running out of ideas of what to do with the children. Read on as I have compiled a list of things you can do with your children both inside and out when you are faced with yet another snow day.

Outside fun

Dress up warm – multiple layers especially socks are advisable.

Build a snowman.

Be a snow angel.

Go sledging.

Make a snow sculpture.

Go on an icicle hunt and if they are low enough break them off and try and write/draw with them.

Take some photographs and share them with friends, family, your child’s teacher, if you are comfortable with this share on Social Media and link into your Schools accounts.

Use the snow to make a snow kitchen, take out some plastic plates, bowls cups etc. and get pretending.

Put out a plastic cup of water with a toy placed inside it, and then do the same in your freezer and leave over night. Which one froze? Can you free the trapped toy?

Blow bubbles outside, what happens to them when they land? Do they pop?

Inside Fun

Warm up by the fire or under a blanket.

Have a pyjama day.

Drink hot chocolate.

Play a board or a card game.

Bring the snow inside, put on a tray or in a dish and add food colouring to it, swirl it around, make art. Or paint it with water colour or normal paint, what happens to the snow?

Make a snow kitchen (inside), bring in some snow, I recommend putting a tea towel or a towel down and then put your snow on top in a bowl or baking tray. Get spoon measures, measuring cups, ice containers, anything and play, play, play.

Ice experiments, bring in an icicle or a lump of ice, and see what happens when you add salt to it or coffee granules. Did anything change?

Again, bring in snow and store carefully but then add small world play items such as animals, trucks, diggers etc.

Bake or cook something, so much learning comes from cooking with children. Why not get them to help cut things for dinner (scissors are good depending on the item to get children to cut, goes without saying that sharp knives need supervision), put toast in the toaster, or stir a pot (with adult help).

Research together animals that live in the snow, what do they have that is the same, what is different? Could you child make a poster about this, if there drawing is still in the developmental stage then you could print out pictures and they can tell you what they want to write about the animal.

Snow craft ideas are endless, go to Pinterest and type in snow craft and you will be amazed at how you can spend your time!

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