How to have it all as a Mother

A quote recently crossed my path on social media, Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says ‘Oh crap, she’s up.’  It resonated with me on so many levels, in this day and age, women are rightfully and successful doing it all. Here are some of my ideas and thoughts on how you can thrive in your role as a mother, career woman, without loosing yourself in the mix.

Communication – make it your mantra to pause and breathe before you say anything to your children or partner. When stressed, or with our minds full, it is usual to go to our default behaviour. Taking a moment to consider the way forward before speaking can have a profound impact on both you and your children.

Week at a glance – you want to or need to limit your voice in the home, in order to help your children gain independence but also so that when you do speak, your children listen. One way to achieve this is to set up an age appropriate week at a glance. In our home we have a white board, which has days of the week, and we add the arrangements onto it that impact on each others time e.g. clubs, evening work commitments etc. This means that instead of me needing to be the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to my families arrangements, they all just go to the white board! For younger children, you may wish to use visual aids so your child can ‘read’ it without the need to know how to read.

Meal plan – take the stress out of what to eat during the week by having a plan, write up main meals on a white board that is stuck the fridge. Batch cook on weekends and freeze. When you make one meal, double the quantity to make a second meal, freeze it and bring it out when it is needed. Set up a weekly online shop that already includes all your basics as most families have a core amount of shopping items that are bought weekly or monthly. Use your food plan to add the additional items you need for that week.

Make time every day to connect with your child(ren): 10 minutes of being present with your children is all they need to recharge, if your life is full as lets face it whose isn’t, you always have bed time. Bedtime can be a scared part of a child’s day, reading, chatting through the day, laughing, listing three things you are both grateful for. My personal feeling is that children are never to old to have a bed time story, it might become more of a book club with older children.

You time – build in a time each day or at the very least once a week that is just for you. It might be a hobby, an exercise class or coffee with a friend. Whatever it is, put it in the diary and make it protected time to ensure it does happen.

Have fun with your children  – last but certainly not least have fun with your children, whether it be a planned activity or putting music on and dancing around your lounge room. Children look to you to be their role model, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.

On a doubting, questioning day, just remember you are a SUPER Woman.




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