Easter Holidays – 4 tips on how to make it the best yet!

Before you all get lost in a chocolate high, find out how to enjoy the Easter Holiday with your kids.

Tip 1 – Plan

Our children desperately want our time. In a time poor society, what do you do to spend quality time with your child(ren) each day?

I find the more planned you are the better. I am not saying you need to have your days organised with military precision but vague notions of what you are going to be doing each day, perhaps with some down time planned in, will do wonders to help, not only your kids, but you survive being out of routine. It could be simply that you decide that your day will have the same basic structure so that your children have more of an idea of what to expect. How are they going to know what is going on? Can they be involved in what they want to do?

Over the holidays it is normal to be slightly out of routine, and this can be unsettling for children (& adults!). Routines provide structure and a sense of safety and comfort. Although I appreciate that a Holiday is a tad more laid back, do not loose your routines and boundaries so much that they are hard to put back in place.

If you have older children, how can you talk through and plan time when you will be a family or perhaps some parent and child dates could be built in, these don’t need to cost the earth.

Put yourself first, easier said than done I do appreciate. This could be a relaxing bath, a walk by yourself with your beloved pooch or simply insisting that you pee alone! Whatever you can get, take it.

Tip 2 – Boredom

It is not your job to entertain your child(ren) 24-7. Let them be bored! This teaches your kids problem solving, creativity and resourcefulness. You may wish to consider setting up a boredom basket. You collect long forgotten toys, games, craft from around the house and pop it in the boredom basket. When the kids come to you bored, just point them in the direction of the basket. If they still remain bored, this is not your problem!

PHOTO - easter eggs and a nest

Tip 3 – Get Outside

Being outside is energizing, it gets everyone off screens and enjoying the season. Spring is popping up everywhere; what does your family notice is different about this season, other than the days are getting longer?

How can you plan and build in more outside time?

Most children love being outside, and with a bit of forward planning you can spend time safely and happily outside. Could you go on a Spring scavenger hunt, build a den, plant some seeds, or have your first BBQ of the season?

Tip 4 – Family Time

Focus on what is important, family and friends, being together and enjoying small moments.

Holidays are about rest and creating memories, how are your children going to remember their Easter?

What can you do to connect as a family unit? Play games, craft, read books, cook together, clean up together, make Easter gifts for loved ones …

Are you able to pre-empt conversations with issues around screen time? Each family is different, but if you want to be more present over the holidays and not have to ‘fight fires’ as they arrive, communicating and setting boundaries in advance will make situations more manageable.

My last and final point, if all else fails, pause, breathe and then respond to your kids and encourage them to do the same with you. The power of a pause cannot be underestimated.

Photo - easter - nature-3196876_640

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