Play, Play, Play

When thinking of what to do with your children of a weekend, a weekday or a holiday, does ‘play’ ever cross your mind? Or are you thinking more theme parks, days out and other big events?

I am the first to admit that I am not wired to play, in my 19th year of education, I see every situation around me as a teachable moment, so really struggle with letting go and going with the flow! However, when I do just stop and do something unstructured, play based with my daughter, even at the age of 10, I reap the rewards.

Play I have learnt over the years can take on many forms, going to the park and chucking a Frisbee back and forth, sitting together around a table and colouring in, or yes, getting the Lego out and creating the latest and best tree house ever built from those little blocks of plastic that we all love to hate.

For anyone that will listen or who stands still long enough for me to speak about my passionate attitude towards the power of play, will know that play, for any age of child (or adult) is so important. It is also the first thing to go when we are busy or our children want to be in front of a screen or are being chauffeured to their many activities.

If you sit back and reflect now, where does play fit into your families lives? In a day? A week? Or across the month? How can you increase the opportunities for play for your children and also for your involvement with your children’s play?

I have created this free resource to allow you to brainstorm ideas and record what is available to you in the local community. As I couldn’t decide if I liked it in pink or blue better, I kept them both!

Play does not need to cost the earth, a day out by the river or your local wood can bring with it adventure and hours of fun.

Here is to building in more play opportunities to help us thrive as a family.

Free resource – play, play, play – pink

Free resource – Play, play, play – blue


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2 thoughts on “Play

  1. Thank you Anisa. Although I know I shouldn’t need a list to remind us to all play together, I know my girls will love filling it in together.. I’ve loved playing with my daughters new dolls after her recent birthday(with her, not alone!). It’s sad but very true that it’s the first thing to go when we’re busy!


    1. Thanks Anna. I think in the light of being busy, play comes first and everything else should be pushed to one side. Not so easy in reality and so pleased you are going to be working together with your daughters about what to put on the list.


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