Summer Adventure List

The Summer is before us which is an exciting prospect, well unless you start to think about it in weeks, days and hours and then it might appear a bit overwhelming, so let us not do that!

A few years ago while juggling life I came across the concept of a Summer Bucket List. Traditionally Bucket Lists were created as a way of achieving what you wanted to before you, let’s put it politely, kicked the bucket!

The Summer Adventure List is a twist on this. It is sitting down as a family and having a discussion, a brain storm (or am I meant to call it a thought shower now?) about what can be done to fill the Summer months. As the Summer progresses, you can then start ticking things off your list as you plan for them or have a free day and decide to seize the moment. It can also be used if your children complain of boredom, just send them to pick something off the list, perhaps you need to create an, ‘if you are bored’ section.

I have compiled a list of ideas that you may wish to consider putting on your families summer adventure list or think of your own, the sky is the limit.

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Have a dance party
  3. Go to the beach
  4. A carpet picnic, in case the weather is not kind, just bring the picnic indoors
  5. Bake something
  6. Teach your child to cook a meal
  7. Go to the cinema
  8. Paddle in a stream
  9. Build a sandcastle
  10. Go camping
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Hug a tree
  13. Climb a mountain, or perhaps just a hill
  14. Play board games
  15. Arrange a Family Date Night for each week of the holidays and take it in turns to choose what you will do
  16. Grow a plant
  17. Weed the garden
  18. Do a random act of kindness or three
  19. Write or draw a letter to a friend
  20. Teach your child to sew
  21. Go on a bike ride
  22. Make ice lollies
  23. Run through sprinklers
  24. Have a water fight
  25. Have a pj day
  26. Visit a museum
  27. Go to an art gallery
  28. Create some art
  29. Blow bubbles
  30. Go berry picking
  31. Make a treat for a neighbour
  32. Go to a £ (Dollar) store, give your children a budget and let them work out how to spend their own money
  33. Make a bird feeder
  34. Create a family blog
  35. Try geocaching
  36. Do a scavenger hunt
  37. Paint rocks and leave them in your community for people to find
  38. Go to the fair
  39. Camp out in the back garden or lounge room
  40. Go on bike rides
  41. Visit somewhere new in your local area
  42. Read a book together
  43. Create a summer of gratitude journal
  44. Have a sleep over
  45. Go on a bug hunt
  46. Make a photo journal
  47. Teach your children to cook a meal
  48. Set up a creativity box, drawer, station which the kids can dip in and out of
  49. Spend a day by a pool (or the paddling variety!)
  50. Start a gratitude jar or positivity wall in your house, where you catch the wonderful things that have happened this summer and write them down to share or simply to bring back memories

Here is your own Summer Advenutre, brain storming sheet. I would love to hear about the ideas you have had to add to your list.

Freebie - Summer Adventure List

Free resource – Summer Adventure

Article originally written for Small Talk Magazine.

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