‘Get outside’ they say, ‘it is good for you’ they say.

This is my advice and I write about the importance of being out in the fresh air all the time, however, the reality of making it happen is something different!

In our house we have a family rule about turning left for adventure, it is a rule put in place to remind us of the importance of seizing opportunities, getting out to explore our environment and yes, to get us off our butts and sofa!

Christmas festivities are over, tiredness has set in and what we all wanted more than anything is to do nothing! With the thought of adventuring at the back of our minds, we ignored our natural instincts and went outside anyway, fueled more I feel by guilt as we hadn’t taken the doggo on a walk the day before.

A local Abbey was our back drop, we explored, laughed and thoroughly loved our amble, I mean adventure!

We spent some time teaching our dog how to be a dog, as quite frankly at times we feel she would make a very good cat, by getting her to fetch sticks. If a dog could be in dog heaven, she was in it.

The Hubster and my daughter then took on a building challenge to create rock sculptures in the hope of inspiring others to do the same. Not that it was about learning at all, but so much was taking place; creativity, patience, balance, size comparison and having a growth mindset to name but few.

Today we turned left for adventure and all reaped the benefits. Wonder what other adventuring we can get up to.

What family rules do you have in place that help foster a spirit of adventure?


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