New Year, New School Term

Is Christmas now a distant memory? Are your turning your thoughts to getting your kids back to school?

I have 3 tips to help make a smooth transition back to the Spring Term.

Tip 1 – Routines

Children thrive on routine, and over the Festive period if you are anything like my household, your routines may have taken on different forms, slipped or disappeared completely. It is now time to claw them back. There is no ‘perfect’ routine as all our lives and families are different but there are certain things you may wish to consider:

  • How can you involve your child’s voice in decisions around routines?
  • Will you and your child have packed their bag, lunch, snack the night before? How can you set up a system to remind them to do the activity, so you don’t need to be involved?
  • How will you ensure you leave the house on time?
  • What will the after school routine look like in the Spring Term?
  • What are your families rules around screens (TV, tablets, phones etc.)
  • What time will your child go to bed?

Tip 2 – Your child’s voice

It is so easy when we are busy or quite frankly tired of them being under your toes to ignore your children’s voice, their thoughts, opinions and ideas. However, I have found that having a forum where your kids can be heard is of great benefit to everyone. Can you set up a weekly Family Meeting to talk about the positives of the week, look at the week ahead, celebrate achievements or small wins. This gives your child a forum in which to be heard.

Important note here is you listen to understand, you accept what your child has to say, you understand that it is their point of view or idea, but you don’t necessarily have to agree with it. You find a way forward together.

Tip 3 – Connect

Our children want our time, especially as they change their routine from holiday mode back to learning and school. This might seem counter intuitive, as I am guessing you can’t wait for them to go back, trust me though it works. How can you spend 10 minutes of uninterrupted, yes that means phones away, time with your kids each day? Something on their terms. Read a book? Play a game? Cook dinner together? Chat in the car as you take them to their activities, radio off? The idea here is that you are connecting with your child in a meaningful way, rather than moving them through the rhythm of their day as their events manager!

Wishing you a smooth transition back to the Spring Term, Easter will be here before you know it.

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