Spring Bucket List

I love a list! I mean I really LOVE lists. My life may fall apart if I loose my ‘to do’ list or my ‘brain dump’ list or my ‘don’t forget this’ list. Then the idea hit me, make a Spring Bucket List, a list of things that I would like to do with my family during the Spring (we have done this successfully for the Summer but it never occured to me to create a Spring one!). The reason I feel that I love a good list is it makes me feel purposeful and intentional. If ‘things’ are left in my head the chances are it may well not happen not because I don’t want to do said thing but more because my brain is full, seriously which parent’s brain is not full?!

So here goes, here are the things that you may or not wish to add to your own Spring Bucket List. Pick things from the list with your kids and get creative on how you can present them, will you write a list and stick it on the fridge so you can tick it off when you have done them? Could you write them on lolly sticks and put them in the jar and then pick at random?

  • visit a farm
  • feed a lamb
  • plant some seeds
  • weed the garden
  • plant vegetables
  • enjoy an egg hunt
  • bake
  • climb a hill
  • make bird feeders
  • keep a record of the birds that feed from the bird feeders in our garden
  • to read a book or two
  • blow bubbles
  • splash in the river
  • visit the coast
  • jump in puddles
  • visit the library
  • look at the life cycle of a butterfly
  • go for a picnic
  • spring clean
  • write a hand written note to friends
  • call a loved one and tell them that they are loved
  • spend more time outside
  • have a bbq
  • eat outside
  • climb a tree
  • go on a late night nature walk
  • build a bug hotel
  • photograph things you love
  • look for minibeasts
  • turn off electronic devices for a day
  • feel the grass or sand between your toes

The options really are endless. Let me know what you would add to the list.

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