Mornings, agggghh!

Are mornings in your home like herding goats? Shouting matches? You talking and no one listening or responding? You repeating instructions over and over again and still getting no where? Or a wrestling match to get your kids into shoes, coats, car seats or simply out of the front door? Or do you return to the house 7 times to get all the items forgotten by your ever adoring off spring?

Here are 8 tips to help make your mornings flow with positivity:

  • Have a family meeting and discuss mornings. What are everyone’s ideas to help? Agree and find a way forward, write it down, display and have everyone sign it!
  • What can you prepare the night before? Snacks? Uniforms/clothes left out? School bags packed and by the door? Breakfast laid out on the table bar the perishables?
  • Let your kids know that once walking or driving in the car to school/nursery/preschool that you want each of them to tell you something positive about the morning so far.
  • Can you have systems to empower your kids to be more independent? A tick sheet, pictures of what they need to do so they can self monitor.
  • No TV or screens in the morning
  • Can you find 10 minutes to do something with your kids before the day has to start, connect with them before you have to correct them?
  • please don’t send me hate mail but could you get up before your kids, so that your day can start in a calm manner, you can get yourself organised prior to your kids, so that when they are awake you can give them the time they need
  • think of a time when your morning routine has gone well, what happened? How did everyone feel? What can you do to replicate parts of this when there is a deadline to being out of the door?

What would you add to my list?

Want more ideas or how you can implement some of the suggestions above, book in for a ‘pick my brain’ session.

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