Can an app help loneliness?

What are your thoughts? Can apps help loneliness that we at times feel as a parent?

Loneliness in parenting can hit at any point and for many different reasons. It might be you are a new mum and leaving the house is too scary in those first precious weeks of life with your new born. It could be that you have tried to join in a play group or class and not found your kind of people. Or it might be that as your child is growing more independent they need you less and therefore you are perhaps less involved in things such as school drop runs which would see you chatting to other parents. What ever the reason, loneliness is a real thing.

I was recently asked to comment on my use of apps to help combat loneliness for Virgin which got me thinking.

I use social media to help with the loneliness debate although I do apprecate it is often a double edged sword. My family lives all over the world, with my father living in Western Australia and my brother in Los Angeles, along with cousins and friends who span the globe. So my use of social apps such as Instagram and Facebook are there to help me stay connected to put out one message, one post that all can see. For me to read, like and comment their photos and updates. To find out news about people that potentially I would not know what is happening in their lives. This is a fly on the wall insight into mine and others lives, I know that but I still, for me, see its place in my life mostly for the positive.

A specific app that I do use though is Headspace. So for the purposes of the Virgin article my take was more on the use of this mediatation app that helps me to feel more grounded as a mother, wife, business woman, juggler of life and therefore better able to cope when life throws me curve balls such as overwhelm and loneliness.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please do share if you use apps to help you combat loneliess, overwhelm or whether you stay well away. Either is fine, I am intrigued though as without the prompt from the author of the article at Virgin, I might never have considered the role that my phone and apps play for me on this subject.

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