Connection with our kids is so important and with our busy lives, something that is often lost due to being our kids social secretaries, running our homes or our own work loads. At times it feels like you need to snatch these moments where ever you can, especially with a tween or teen!

My husband has worked shifts for all of my daughter’s life and has found that when you work shifts, finding time to recharge your connection with your son or daughter is a priority.

With a shift working husband, the morning routine is my domain in our home. My husband has either already left for an early shift or he is sleeping off a late shift, oh and coupled with the fact that he is not a morning person my daughter and I have carved our own morning routine which works for us!

An aspect that was really important to me was that I wanted someway for the last thing that my daughter hears from me before she leaves for a day of school to be something affirming, regardless of what has happened before this.

We have tried having affirmations that she picks out and we discuss, which we enjoyed but often forgot. However, the below we have been doing for a while now and so far it is working so not looking to change it any time soon! It takes all of about 30 seconds so is very doable!

Me: Shine bright, like a diamond (which can result in a bit of a sing song!)

Me: Be brave

Me: Be kind

Me: You are…

Dear Daughter: I am …. strong, helpful, thoughtful, intelligent, creative etc. (she makes them up depending on her mood!)

Me: but above all you are…

Dear Daughter: loved

Both: power pose! Yes, we superwoman power pose on the front porch!

If your morning routine is anything but empowering and affirming book in for a complimentary 20 minute call with me and we can find you some harmony to leave the house without reaching for the gin or losing your voice because of all the shouting!

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