Our kids want our time

How do you connect with your kid(s)? Do you wait for big gestures of grandeur? Or spend quality time with your child each day?

When you are busy, you or your partner are parenting through shift work or your feel like you are parenting alone finding time to connect with your kids can fall way down on the things to do list.

In our home we gather connection in moments, such as:

🚘 chats in the car when we are driving our daughter to an activity

πŸ₯• taking our daughter food shopping

🚿 all sharing in household chores

🐢 dog walks

πŸ“Ί snuggles on the sofa as we watch tv

πŸ“ž Face time calls when we can’t be there in person

🌿 working on a project together

πŸ“š reading

🎲 playing board games

What do you do in your homes to connect with your kid(s) that you would add to my list?

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