Routines, do you love or hate them?

Routines, kids thrive on them and I know this is one thing that I credit to our success over the years as the Hubster and I have parented through shift work, well and just parented full stop really!

A predictable routine means that no matter who was, or is, parenting that day or that moment, we know what goes on! Routines help me to be a better mum.

It does not mean that our routines such as mornings and bedtimes weren’t flexible or could not be adapted for which ever parent was or is taking our daughter through them but we have a structure to follow that has been discussed and worked out hearing all our thoughts before we carve out what we are going to do, they are for want of a better word, predictable.

Kids love predictability so the more we can build this into their day and week the better. Our children also function better and are more adaptable and helpful when they feel they have some control over their lives and routines help them to achieve this. A side note here, I would always give your child choices e.g. ‘Would you like to put away the clean washing up or put a load of washing on?’ and where possible I would encourage you to discss the routine you are trying to implement with your family, get there ideas, let everyone’s voice be heard.

What routines do you have in place that help your family to thrive? Did you come up with the ones I have below?

  • Mornings
  • Getting dressed
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Breakfast
  • Meal times
  • Bed time
  • Tidy up time
  • Screen time
  • Homework
  • After school
  • Cleaning (age appropriate chores)
  • Bedrooms – bed making, tidying up
  • Getting ready for the next day

How do you feel about routines? Do you love them or hate them?

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