A Tween Birthday Party

A home party for us was the order of the day for our daughter’s 11th birthday, a night at the movies was the theme.

Our daughter picked out 10 friends who would join her for her movie party at home on a Friday night in June. We had hoped to spend some time outside as well but the Yorkshire weather had other ideas!

We used a theme of red and white which is what what I had left over from past parties, yes, I am one of those mums who has a party box stored in her basement!

Pizza and hot dogs were served for the birthday tea, along with crisps (chips), carrot and cucumber sticks and fruit. Keeping the food simple and child friendly meant there was pretty much no left overs or wastage.

The girls watched a movie while munching away on their popcorn snack cups which they put together themselves from different options available.

Having created amazing cakes (not me you understand, my husband or a professional cake maker!) for years we decided to keep it simple for this one and boy was it a hit! Should have done this for every birthday and saved ourselves the stress. I concoted the cake from doughnuts and biscuits and re-used candles that again we use year on year!

Last but not least we gave each guest a party bag of mindfulness which I had put together with items to help them bring some mindfulness to their lives, these included a postcard to colour, bubbles, a rubber duck and a number of other bits all with an instruction card of how to use each item in a mindful way.

This party was so successful that my daughter has asked for another one this year! Will take this as a win.

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