Creating a Rhythm to your Week

Children thrive on routine and predictability and so do we. With the prospect of being with our loved ones 24-7 creating a flow to your week may just help you all keep your sanity.

I have created a prompt (see photo) for you that can help your thinking about perhaps what to include across your week broken down into 3 areas – Positive Home, Positive Learning & Positive Wellbeing. They are my ideas, you need to work out what is right for your family.

Gather your family together, discuss, hear each others voices what do you want to include what is not important to you right now? Decide on a way forward together. You need your kids buy in other wise you are going to come up against hurdles that could in time lead to big emotions.

I would also encourage you to start as you mean to go on, it takes on average 21 days to establish a routine or new pattern so if at first you don’t succeed keep it going for another few days!

Even though I love a plan, I am not one to put time limits to things that are to happen, as it might just set you up for failure before you even start. I would look more at when we get up we do these 5 things, then our mornings we are going to do x, our afternoons we are going to do y and evenings are for z.

Even if you have decided to not home school (which is completely ok) I would encourage your family to create a weekly rhythm so your kid(s) know what is expected of them.

Also, don’t try to do it all, many of you will also need to try and fit work into the mix as well and although I view you all as super heroes your wellbeing is important.

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