Home Schooling Timetable

A question I have been asked is how to structure a home schooling week and there really is no short (or easy) answer to this as it is so dependent on the needs of your household.

My suggested routine or perhaps more my ideas to inspire your own thinking including elements that I feel are important and notes to help are in the photo.

If you have chosen to home school, then my personal feeling is ‘less is more’ or ‘quality over quantity’ and take the pressure off yourself to be the teacher for the duration of a school day and to try and teach them all elements of the curriculum. I am a teacher yet find it incredibly hard to teach my own daughter so can completely relate!

Home schooling is not for everyone and if you have taken the decision not to then this is absolutely ok. If you are not going to bring the school into your home then I would encourage you to get your children to read. They can read to themselves, read to their siblings, call family members and read to them, have you read to them and to listen to audio books (Audible has released 100s of free kids and teen books for your families to listen to).

Add some life learning into your weekly schedule and this can include your kid(s) being independent and not being entertained by you.

Other ideas include cooking, science themed activities, arts and crafts, history and geography, don’t try to do it all. It might be that this week your kid(s) are interested in Dinosaurs so you do activities around this, the following week you might want to investigate and learn more about Australia. Online resources to support this are in plentiful supply.

You could also think about how you can teach your kids to listen, be respectful, helpful and so much more.

Chores I believe need to form part of your daily rhythm. I am not asking your kid(s) to climb ladders and clean windows but they do need to contribute to your home. You are going to be juggling many many balls and everyone needs to do their bit!

We are in this together and if I can help in anyway do reach out,


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