Our new normal

How are you feeling today? Overwhelmed? Scared? Positive? Settled? However, you are feeling my thoughts are with you. We are in this together and if I can help at all, please do let me know.

I have posted about a weekly schedule recently. Hopefully you found the weekly overview, a simple balanced timetable. It broke the down the day into:

Morning routine
School Learning
Quiet time
Life Learning
Evening routine

I am now focusing in on how you can make your week a positive one, after all I am Chief Positivity Bringer!

We had our family meeting yesterday and decided that this coming week we really were going to ‘stuck it and see’ not particularly glamorous! We do have a vague plan which will be reviewed at the end of the week.

The Hubster who is a Key Worker due to working for the Emergency Services is going to have to continue to go to work so the plan really is for my daughter and I. I will have to maintain my coaching clients and tutoring pupils so it is going to be a juggle!

Our week:

Morning Routine – up, showered, dressed, breakfast, teeth, hair etc. We (yes, me included!) are going to do a Joe Wicks Kids PE session, as well as some journalling to list our gratitudes, this is my time to connect with her before my ‘work’ day begins

School Learning – my daughter’s school teachers are setting work according to her timetable, as they all have iPads. We just don’t know how this will pan out and if she will stick to her timetable times or will be able to get through work set in a shorter period of time. We are allowing social connection for her with her being able to facetime her friends to check in on them and virtually socialize.

Quiet time – to include reading, audible, lego making

Life Learning – across the week she wants to get into the garden to have fresh air, we will get out to walk our dog, she is going to cook dinners with us and is keen to bake and make (she can be pretty independent with this), she has been enjoying the Duolingo app to help her learn French (I am using it to refresh my Spanish) and then keeping up with her yoga

Boredom busters for this week – she has created an arts and crafts trolley so everything she needs is accessible, there is a drawer in her room with Science bits which she is going to explore and then there is reading and audible

Chores – putting away clean washing up, moving clothes from the washing machine to the tumble drier and contributing to my daily cleaning routine

Evening routine – tidying up, family time, TV, family meal etc.

Anisa x

If you are struggling or want to talk through anything, please book in for a call with me (they are free!).

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