Daily Chore Schedule

Do your kids do chores? If yes, what chores do they do.

I am a big believer in children taking on some sort of responsibility for chores/jobs around the home that are age appropriate and without them being paid to do them.

Chores in our house have sort of got lost in the first week of home schooling, juggling work, stressing over the c-virus and adjusting to our new rhythm.

I should say, my daughter is doing her jobs but usually needs reminding and at the moment I just don’t have the brain space left to reminder her so then I snap (my issue not hers).

To prevent further crabby moments from me I have taken affirmative action and have created this chart (see photo) to bring to our Family Meeting this week. I want us to look at what we can all do at different points in the day and over the week, to help contribute to our home. We need to make it achievable and realistic for our ‘new normal’.

We are in this together after all,

Anisa x

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