Do you shout?

Has being at home with your kid(s) meant you have been shouting more?

Shouting can be a default behaviour an automatic response, however, when we shout at our kids all we do is help to elevate the spiral of behaviour that is circling up and up before it explodes. We are fueling rather than calming.

Some things you could try:
• whispering when you feel cross this brings the level down to quiet and calm and your children really do need to listen in order to hear what you have said

• your kids take their cue from you on how to behave so perhaps when you feel you want to shout, count from 5 to 1 while taking a nurturing breath (in through your nose and out through your mouth) and in this time decide if shouting is the best option or could you do something else?

• looking at the situation (possibly after the event) and work out WHY the behaviour occurred that made you shout? Is it something preventable?

For more help, support and ideas to bring calm to the noise levels in your home, book in for your 50 minute online coaching session with Anisa, book here.

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