Looking for a rhythm to your day?

Still searching for your home schooling rhythm and flow?

It is hard work to run your home, care for your family, cook meals and distribute snacks, teach your kid(s) and work. Each of these roles is a full time or at the very least a part time job and we are trying to do all of these things and often more than one at the same time!


You are amazing! These are uncertain times and un-chartered waters it is ok to take a few weeks to find your families rhythm.

Home schooling is not for everyone, your kids need you more than they need to learn academic ‘stuff’. When they reflect back on this period of time in years to come I doubt very much that they will remember what was taught more how they felt.

Screens can be a good source of ‘education’ over this time and likewise they can be just the sanity saver you need! Do NOT feel guilty for your child’s screen time use. If you are worried then talk to your kid(s), discuss and find a way forward together.

If you feel happy to do so and your health allows then do get out and take some time outside. Nature really does soothe and excite and could give your family just the distraction it needs, great life learning can happen as you explore.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, prioritize your own self care.

The day (and week) do go better if there is some sort of predictable routine. I have included a prompt for you (see photo) where instead of prescribing what you are to do with every minute of your day you can look at your time in terms of:

Helping in our home (chores, daily expectations, meal times etc.)
The Morning
The Afternoon
The Evening
Screen Time (this could be useful resources to help their learning, agreed screen limits etc.)

We are in this together and if I can help I will, do reach out. I am offering free 20 minute calls and hugely discounted online coaching sessions and my priority is helping busy parents navigate these uncertain times,


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