I am on a journey, my family has relocated from Surrey to West Yorkshire, in the Summer of 2016. A journey of discovery. Destined to take the road less travelled.

Known to many as a creative, organised, fun loving mummy, wife and friend. I have been a Primary School teacher for 17 years, I specialise in Early Years Education and Leadership. Due to our move to the north, I have resigned from my teaching job and I have re-evaluated my employment status and am going down a new path with my skill set!

ParentingSuccess is my business and you can follow me via Facebook. Do like my page and we can share in the adventure of parenting together: facebook.com/parentingsuccessharrogate/ or www.parentingsuccesscoaching.com.

My name is Anisa and I am in my 39th year, I have been a mummy for 8 years and a wife for nearly 10. Ultimately though, I am a work in progress, always striving for excellence.

I am passionate about motherhood, education, the value of play in our children’s lives, the self esteem, well being and resilience of adults and children, organisation, photography and pretty things (inside and out).

Although I currently reside in England, my back ground is a very international one having been born in Hong Kong, and then lived in England, Australia, Spain and Colombia and travelled to many interesting countries. I consider myself a global citizen!

Welcome to my blog.