Following on from my two decades in education, 12 of those year in senior leadership roles, becoming a Parenting and Leadership Coach felt like a natural progression. 
I set up The Positive Family Alliance to help transform the lives of families by equipping parents and carers with the practical strategies to overcome their individual family’s challenges.
As most mothers will attest, I am certainly a work in progress. I continue to increase my skills set by working with relevant professionals, in order to increase the wealth of experience and knowledge I bring to the families I serve.
My passion for empowering parents, carers and their children stems from my very own early upbringing. Having been born in Hong Kong, and then moving in England, Australia, Spain and Colombia, I’ve seen the value absorbing and adopting different perspectives and approaches to family rearing, resulting in the ability to adapt to changing demands.
Now firmly settled with my own family in Yorkshire, my husband, who is a key worker, and I have watched our own daughter grow into a young woman, and I know first hand the necessity of having the right support.
No family is perfect (no, not even that of a Parenting Coach). And I know the challenges of family life can make us all feel vulnerable. So I hope my services will make your family’s journey a more harmonious and fulfilling one.
To see if I can make a positive impact in your life, book now for a little (socially distanced) chat. I may not be able to offer you a cuppa, but I certainly am looking forward to meeting you.

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