Parenting Pod Talks

Ever wondered:

Why won’t my kids listen to me?


How can mornings be so stressful?


Where did all that emotion come from?

Join me in the Pod, for talks on Parenting themes such as Big Emotions, Screen Time, Mindful Families and many more. Follow the link to see my up to date list of events and locations.

Positive Parenting Workshop

In this workshop we look at some of the skills and tools you can use to raise your know how to raise, happy confident kids whatever the challenge in a positive and meaningful way. I want you to learn ways to connect with your kids before you have to correct them.

Our aims:-
• Tackling challenges with a positive approach
• Providing structure and creating fair boundaries
• To show you how to use effective praise to increase the behaviour you want to see more of
• To show you how to use commands in a way that doesn’t require shouting or nagging
• To create happy parents and happy kids

Potential outcomes:-
• Getting rid of those shouting matches and stand offs
• Reducing the tension in your household
• Developing more respect for each other
• Feeling empowered to be a great parent
• Creating a calmer and happier home

Essential Oils

This year for me is all about freedom:

– freedom to choose

– freedom to make decisions about what I put into my home and environment

– freedom to choose to look at natural alternatives

– freedom to look at how my family is having an environmental impact (ok, perhaps I am looking at recycling and plastic here, but it sounds very grand the way I put it!)

– freedom to put myself first (self care at its best)

– freedom to choose how to spend my time

– freedom to grow and develop my business to have a positive impact on mums

Essential Oils allow me this freedom, I am loving their natural goodness and run classes in the community to help you learn about them and incorporate the oils into your and your families lives. To find out what classes are on offer this month, click here.

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