5 Day Challenge

Join the 5 day: Connect and Be Present Challenge

This is a 5 day challenge that commences on the 9th July and runs until the 13th July and is for paid members only and will be hosted in a Facebook Group.

Over the course of the ‘Connect and be Present’ Challenge, you will be set daily readings and tasks to help you evaluate and learn how to mindfully manage your families screen time.

Day 1 – Let’s get started!

Day 2 – Why should you manage your kids screen time? Know your values and goals around screens.

Day 3 – Be prepared and plan, Family and 121 meetings- it is all about communication

Day 4 – How to talk about managing screen time. How can I get my child to stick to the plan?

Day 5 – Role Modeling. What to do instead? Gift of boredom.

I will be present in the group daily to help with questions, musings and issues that may arise as you start your journey to look at your families digital detox.

This is NOT a bash you over the head and tell you what your family is doing wrong challenge, that is not what I am about. The questions asked and material presented will ask you to look at what will work for YOUR family and only you can answer this as you are the expert on all things you.

By screen time I refer to any electronic devices: phones, tv, computers, tablets, game consoles etc.

There is a £15 fee to join this challenge. To join click on this link: www.paypal.me/parentingsuccess/15

Once payment has been made please request to join our FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1968062260173795/

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