Welcome to the Positivity Academy — home to multichannel solutions to everyday parenting and family challenges.
I’m Anisa Lewis, Leadership & Positive Parenting Coach. I have poured my many years of educational and coaching experience into of my Positive Acadmey Pillars.
Each one is designed to create positive impact for every member of the family, enabling them reach their fullest potential and to live harmoniously and constructively together.
As the saying goes, parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but that doesn’t mean that parents can’t benefit from practical strategies to have a fulfilled and empowered family.
Having a family comes with many challenges, different for every family. I am here to support you by arming you with a full parenting tool-kit to navigate the unpredictable and ever-evolving journey of parenthood.
Reaching out to a Parenting Coach may can make my clients feel vulnerable, but rest assured, working with me is easy and I offer bespoke strategies depending on your own families individual needs.
I believe in you. Let me be your be your mentor and you biggest cheerleader.

A S  F E A T U R E D  I N

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