P O S I T I V E  P A R E N T I N G

In this workshop we look at how we can encourage good behaviour in our children through praise, mindfulness & effective communication, so that we don’t spend all our time telling them off or correcting them. This workshop is about setting up a positive foundation for your family and a good workshop to start with.

R A I S I N G  I N D E P E N D E N T  C H I L D R E N 

We strongly believe that one of the main roles of parents is to foster, teach and facilitate independence in our children. In this workshop we discuss the importance of children having family and personal responsibilities and how best to implement them in a positive way, without battles and stress. The overall aim is to teach and support our children to become effective problem solvers so that they are not always relying on other people to “sort things out” for them.

B O O S T  Y O U R  C H I L D ‘ S  C O N F I D E N C E

Confidence is crucial to children leading happy and fulfilling lives. It influences their success and happiness in school, family life, relationships and leisure activities. A belief in oneself is without doubt the greatest asset and gift a parent can give to their child. In this workshop, parents have an opportunity to explore their child’s confidence levels in depth and hear about other parent’s experiences. Whilst each child is different, parents learn ideas and general guidelines to help build their child’s confidence.

E F F E C T I V E  C O N S E Q E N C E S

Consequences should be the last resort, however, there will be times when your children test you. It is important to be prepared and know how to use consequences effectively so that they learn how to do things differently. In this workshop we will look at how to use consequences effectively for behaviour and attitudes we want to see less of, encourage positive consequences and rewards to motivate our children to do what we want to see more of.

R A I S I N G  T E E N A G E R S

Just as we thought we had got the hang of parenting your teenager arrives with a whole new set of parenting concerns and challenges. It is never too early to prepare for the challenges that teenagers can bring so this workshop is relevant to parents of both teens and pre-teens.

W O R K S H O P  F O R  D A D S

We know from experience that family success is most easily obtained when Mum and Dad are ‘Parenting as a Team’. All of our workshops are open to all Mums and Dads, whether they wish to attend together or separately, however, we have specifically designed this workshop for Dads. We understand that Dads sometimes like to learn more about positive parenting and how to become the best parents they can be in an environment where they feel supported by attending with other Fathers.


M A N A G I N G  S C R E E N  T I M E 

Is not about judgment on screen use, it is about working out what is ok for your Family by giving you tools to implement change and manage screen use in your home.

P A R E N T I N G  W O R K S H O P S  A T  H O M E

Think Tupperware parties but for parenting! Can’t make the date of my worshops? You then pick the date and time in consultation with me, you invite the guests and I bring the workshop of your choice to you. You can even have a glass of wine, as we work through the class material, I would say that is a win right there. As a thank you for hosting, your place is half price. Contact me to arrange a date.


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