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With 75% of working parents suffering from stress and anxiety as a result of their work-life balance management according to a recent study, it is of paramount importance that businesses invest in the mental health of their staff. 

I’m Anisa Lewis – Positive Parent Coach and I specialise in working with corporations who are wanting to empower their staff in how to manage working and family life. I am already working with corporations such as Aviva and West Yorkshire Police to help them to tackle parent wellbeing. 
My courses and talks not only discuss the challenge facing working parents but are full of practical tips. 

“I found every area of the talk interesting and informative. I am taking away so much from this workshop. Anisa knows her stuff and delivers her workshop with humour and humility. I enjoyed reflecting on my own methods and hearing about other peoples. We are not alone! My family is normal.”

Feedback from the training given through West Yorkshire Police, Professional Development Network

Here are 5 reasons why it would be of benefit for for us to talk:

  1. Supporting Mental Health at work for parents leads to a more positive and productive work force
  2. Investing in Positive Parenting is statistically proven to help
  3. I specialise in working with parents and empowering them to raise happy and confident kids no matter what the challenge
  4. With 20 years of experience working with families from being a Teacher, to a Deputy Head, Head of Operations and now a Parenting Coach (with lots of other training in between!), I fully understand the challenges of a working parent
  5. I can support in many different ways from working at a strategic level, to giving a talk, working one on one with those that need it and running workshops and events 

Contact Anisa today to discuss further how she can help you to support your working parents.



Supporting Working Parents Through

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