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I am Yorkshire based Coach, although I am learning that in our global society and in this digital age, where you live means relatively little. I work with people from my home town as well as Australia and the States, with the help of modern technology. 

My Story has recently been featured in Prima Magazine a National magazine here in the UK. The fact that I had a story to tell in the first place was a revelation to me, and now it is being read all over the country has left me humbled. It tells how while navigating change and putting myself first, I found a better way to live and found my ‘home’.

Passionate about supporting parents, families and individuals through coaching and mentoring.

Feeling blessed and happy that you have stopped by, have a look around and do contact me or leave a comment as I love meeting and getting to know new people,


A S  F E A T U R E D  I N

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